Pregnancy, infancy and childhood are times for us to cherish, but they are also periods during which our bodies are placed under a lot of stress.

Before, During and After

Before Pregnancy

Structurally the pelvic bones, ligaments and muscles support the uterus and sex organs- Gentle Chiropractic adjustments before pregnancy will help to balance and support your pelvis. 

During Pregnancy

Sometimes the initial excitement we experience at becoming pregnant starts to lessen by the presence of aches and pains in your back, pelvis or neck.  Later in pregnancy, ligaments start to slacken to prepare for the birthing process- a combination of a larger tummy, increased weight, changing posture and softening ligaments can all cause lower back and pelvic instability, furthermore misalignments to spinal vertebra and the pelvis. This creates pressure on the nerves and irritation to the spinal joints. Using muscle releases, gentle manipulation and mobilisations, Chiropractic care will help to ease the pressure on nerves, restore normal function to the body and reduce discomfort.

After Birth

As a new mum, obviously your body has just gone through an amazingly stressful process. Generally for a quicker recovery, it is very important to be structurally balanced- many ladies suffering the painful effects of symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) may gain great relief from Chiropractic care post pregnancy. Dr Paul Cater uses a gentle non invasive diagnosis and correction technique to remove some irritation to the symphysis pubis junction. As a general rule, we encourage most of our patients who have become new mothers to be checked and adjusted 6 weeks after their child is born. As always,  each case is different so feel free to contact Palm Beach Chiropractic and discuss when is right for you.

Many ladies seek Chiropractic during pregnancy, but they stay to be balanced.


... and what about the baby?

We all understand the ordeal that childbirth can be for a mother, but often we don’t realise the trauma placed upon a baby. Violent contractions of the uterus squeeze the baby through the birth channel, sometimes with assistance from a pair of hands or instruments.  This process can injure muscles, nerves and the developing joints of the spine which may cause areas of irritation, pain and distortion to the cranium. The Palm Beach Chiropractor has additional expertise in very gentle paediatric cranial therapy. 

As children grow, learn to walk and play sports through childhood into adolescence they are prone to slips, falls and tumbles. It is often believed that child hood accidents play a role in the problems we experience as adults… “as the twig is bent, so does the tree grow”.

Dr Paul Cater at Palm Beach Chiropractic has extensive training in gentle cranial therapy and over 9 years experience in paediatric Chiropractic adjusting, seeing many positive health changes in his younger patients. So give your little ones a balanced start to life...

At Palm Beach Chiropractic we believe in affordable family Chiropractic care, if a parent is actively under Chiropractic care the school kids are under half price ($25).

The Elderly

If we don't move it, we lose it. One of the most important aspects of quality of life for the elderly is maintaining their independence. Chiropractic care is great for the elderly for many reasons including a healthy nervous system, greater flexibility and creating greater range of movement into stiffening, arthritic or degenerating joints. Improving movement into affected joints can produce terrific results for the aging population. Obviously the types of treatments and corrective forces have to be modified to suit elderly individuals.


Imbalance in structure will speed up joint wear and tear. It is similar to if your car had poor wheel alignment, the tyres would wear out quickly and unevenly. People often talk about wear and tear of the joints. This can also be called arthritis, osteoarthritis, spondylosis, degeneration, spinal decay or degenerative joint disease. There are many forms of arthritis and it can affect people of all ages.

The most common form is osteoarthritis, which is inflammation and degeneration of the joints. While Chiropractors cannot reverse most of this damage, Chiropractic adjustments will balance spinal alignment, slowing down further damage and regaining some motion in the affected joints. 

If X-rays are required, Palm Beach Chiropractic is located next door to South Coast Radiology. Your Chiropractor will go through your images in detail and identify any areas of poor alignment causing increased spinal degeneration or arthritis.

Occupational Stress

Lets face it, someone in the family usually has to work. Whether you are a builder, tiler, banker or accountant, most of our professions will place our body under stress and for the modern day worker it will usually be sitting too long! It is very important to somehow reverse the negative forces we place on our bodies daily and this involves specific home exercises (stretches and strengthening), correct diet (fuel and repair), Chiropractic adjustments (reduce nerve pressure and promotes healing) but also adequate rest and relaxation (repair and de-stress). Imagine a book keeper hunched at a computer all day or a brick layer using the same hand and the same posture all day. If these trades do not look after themselves properly then eventually something will give, slip, bulge or rupture and this creates crisis care. However if our patients maintain their correct spinal alignment with some regular Chiropractic care and keep practising a healthy lifestyle, these crisis' are usually kept at bay and this is called Chiropractic Wellness Care. If you can't afford to not work, then you had better look after yourself.....



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